Foshan Lvguan Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd

Foshan Lvguan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.Foshan Lvguan Aluminum Industry Limited Company was founded in 2013. After several years of development, from small factory with only a few devices become large factory with several production lines. It occupying the important position in the industry. Our factory is located in the famous Pearl River Delta region - Shunde, where has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The factory area is more than 3000 square meters, items placed in

Hot Products

    • Silver Clad Aluminum Mirror

      Silver Clad Aluminum Mirror

      Description Mirror aluminum is refers to the methods such as compounding, rolling, grinding, make the plate surface presents mirror effect. We have more than10 years of production experience, provide all kinds of color mirror aluminum coil or plate. This product is silver, and the blue part is..

    • Black Aluminum Mirror Sheet

      Black Aluminum Mirror Sheet

      Description This black mirror aluminum is made of coated technology, and the machine is coated with a black aluminum coating on the aluminum in high temperature and high pressure. The products can produce aluminum coil, aluminum strip, aluminum plate, aluminum sheet. Decorative strong,...