Aluminum ceiling installation instructions

- May 14, 2018-

1.Fit aluminum trim corners at the same level

2. Hangers and light steel keels are hoisted at appropriate intervals. The spacing between booms is less than or equal to 1.2 meters. The spacing between light steel keel is 1.2 meters.

3, the pre-mounted on the triangle keel hanging pieces together with the triangular keel and light steel keel in a vertical direction by plate spacing, then adjust the level

4. Push the two sides of the square plate parallel to the triangle keel joint. After loading the two ends of the horizontal direction, firstly pull the straight line and then pull the straight line and press the plate one by one. After each row of buckles, adjust it once to ensure that the plate surface is smooth. , Board seams vertical. (Note that the side of the square plate with a small pit is inserted into the triangular keel joint)

5. Wear gloves when pinching the board. If you accidentally leave a stain on the board, wash it off with clean water. Do not remove the protective film during installation.