Metal ceiling uses

- May 14, 2018-

In the past, people's impression of the ceiling was merely stuck on "a piece of white concrete." It is not known that the ceiling has an extremely important position in home decoration. In addition, the ceiling decoration also plays a role in covering beams, pipes, heat insulation and sound insulation. In addition, the design of the ceiling is wonderful, and each one can create different decorative effects. When you are renovating your new home, you may wish to change the ceiling of your room.

Reserving a good light slot lighting: This is the most basic function of the ceiling, all kinds of lamps are hidden inside the ceiling, forming a reflective light source, to create a warm effect for the room. Kitchen clean new sky: plastic buckle plate is the most popular kitchen ceiling decoration material, not only has a good moisture resistance, but also with a rag and a clean rub a clean. At present, there is also a metal ceiling material that has become popular. Its decorative effect is better, but the price is slightly expensive. Herringbone roof decoration: Some units will have a traditional herringbone roof, if wrapped with wood, designed as an ancient style of eaves, can bring a deep sense of space for the rustic taste. Ceiling in a large area: If the living room is large, more complex ceilings can be designed to give a three-dimensional appearance to the ceiling. Straight dialogue with the song: If you suspect that the home decor is too straight, too hard, you can design a ceiling with a curve, so that the visual effects of the room a little change. Classical white ceiling: The classical gypsum-style gypsum board is decorated on the ceiling. With the complex chandeliers, the original empty ceiling is enriched.