The Origin And Development Of The Ceiling

- May 14, 2018-

Ceiling, Chinese medicine term, body part name. The common name of Shangyu. Because of its shape like a ceiling, its name. Ceiling, English name: Ceiling

It is the top surface of a building's interior. In the interior design, the ceiling can be painted, painted to beautify the interior environment, and installed chandeliers, light pipes, ceiling fans, open skylights, and air conditioning to change the effectiveness of indoor lighting and air circulation.

The ceiling is a general term for decorative indoor roof materials. In the past, most of the traditional dwellings were made of straw mats, banquet tables, and wooden boards. As technology advances more modern building materials are applied.

The magical effect of the ceiling in modern decoration: The ceiling surface is treated with special technology, antistatic, dust-free, dust-free, and can completely meet the requirements of high-precision electronic factories, hospital operating rooms, biological laboratories and other high dust-free, high-clean places!